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Bitcoin miner after installing Fitgirl's FORZA HORIZON 4 Repack

So let me preface this by saying I have downloaded a ton of Fitgirls repacks and have never had any issues.. FG is my go to for repacks and I've even donated when I could...
So I run a weekly Rkill and MalwareBytes scan... every Thursday (sometimes Friday)
Between last weeks scan and this one I've barely even powered on my computer but I saw FG posted uploaded Forza Horizon 4: Ultimate Edition w/ DLCs so I DL'd via Qbittorent from the link on her website.
After installing the game.. my system started to lag a lot and things just seemed off. So I ran Rkill and no issues showed then ran MalwareBytes and here is a link to what MalwareBytes found
MalwareBytes Results
I am willing to answer questions.. I just want to get to the bottom of this.. I am just a regular dude that plays games on his PC and also if I enjoy a game that I pirate I always buy the game to support the devs.. I just have been screwed to many times buying a game, it being poor quality, and being stuck with it because of one reason or another I couldn't get a refund
MalwareBytes Results
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Forza horizon 4 fitgirl repack

So guys i have win 10 2004 and i installed the game and just knew it doesn't support build 2004. So i was wondering if i put a win 10 1909 live version on usb and boot on it can i play the forza horizon 4? And thank you
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Fitgirl Assassins Creed Origins install bitcoin miner causing high cpu usage when Task Manager is not running

Fitgirl Assassins Creed Origins install bitcoin miner causing high cpu usage when Task Manager is not running
Hello,I downloaded Assasins creed origins today from this site: fitgirl-repacks dot site And something feels odd when I exit the game, my CPU is running at roughly 60%, and as soon as I open task manager it would go back to normal. I ran malwarebytes and it found 2 suspicious items and removed them, but the problem continue, so I started to investigate manually. So I start up Performance Monitor and check which process would shoot up as soon as I close Task Manager. This is what I found. SoundModule. I open up Task Manager, and found 2 running process of this, I open their location and found them at AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoundModule.
I quickly look these up, they do not belong to microsoft and won't trigger any antivirus or malwarebytes, I killed those process and deleted them which solved the problem for me. Hopefully this post will help someone in the future.
For more details regarding this "SoundModule" https://www.anti-malware.name/removal-guide/remove-soundmodule-exe/
I started the game again after that and the "soundmodule" executable or process did not get recreated.
If you pirate a game, make sure you check on your CPU usage to see if there is an suspicious thing going on. In my case, I only realized that something is running on my cpu due to CoreTemp, because I would see the temperature be at 60 to 70 degree Celsius, while my normal idle temp is usually only at 40 to 60, and as soon as I start Task manager, the temperature did drop back to 40ish.
I have ran the script to verify bins a few times before installing cause it didnt seem to do anything to me. Installed the game and had the cpu issue.
P.S. If you don't trust me, that is fine. This post is not for you. I am not here to convince you or trash fitgirl. We are all pirates here, we are all stealing in someway. This post is mainly for someone else that may have this problem in the future.
If anyone have similar issue, and don't know how to find the bitcoin miner in their pc, do not be shy to private message me, I am happy to help. It is very easy for developers to scan for running process and stop work while a given process is opened, thus the miners process will continue to evolve to hide under more and more programs, so it will become very difficult at some point.
I was contacted by 2 people that have seen this post. 1 person has installed the same package and was not affect. Another person has installed the same package and was affected. Chance is the installer is installing the bitcoin miner based on random number generator.
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Where to download VR / Niche Games

Usually i would go to IGG-games to download my Virtual Reality games, since they offer a wide range of VR and niche games that Fitgirl-repack or other torrent sites like https://www.1377x.to/ or kick ass torrents don't upload. I mostly use fitgirl or skidrow games to download regular flat pc games. Do now that i regurarly buy games aswell if i can't find any reputable download source or if i really love / have an interest in the game.
The reason why i want to switch is because i recently got a detection for a bitcoin miner breach in my AV. I was using IGG-Gamesand utorrent to open the torrent file while it happened.
I ended up reinstalling windows and qbittorent and bought a paid AV software (bitdefender AV Plus) just to be sure my pc and my personal info is safe.
What website should i use to find those VR / niche games?
Also another question: I used skidrow-games.com a lot to download my regular flat games before fitgirl but i saw on the following threads of reddit piracy that they can be malicious too: https://www.reddit.com/PiratedGames/comments/a5mu2a/pirated_games_megathread/
Is that really true that does could be infected too? I used to download games on skidrow-games or skidrow-reloaded website that where cracked by CODEX, CPY Games or by any of the Skidrow company.
Thank you already for the help.
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Fitgirl Repacks found Bitcoin mining program

I was downloading GTAIV-Complete pack in Fitgirl-repacks(.)site (legit) While installing I found a warning about "precomp.inside" which is found to be a bitcoin miner program. Is this real or just a false alarm ?
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The fitgirl interrogation

So i have been torrenting games for quite some time now (pirated games) for 6+ years until one year ago i stumbled upon the fitgirl repack site and have been downloading her stuff for the past year but always felt not satisfied or suspicious about her let me tell you why
1- i have traveled to 37 countries and i know the countries that allows paypal like US, europe...etc. and the countries that doesn’t allow it like Egypt & India. She says she is from latvia which i sure know allows paypal so what kind of problem does she have with paypal ?!! Why do i have to donate by minning?!
2- i have downloaded a ton of her games and like 60% of them have problems & issues on installation. Yes when i follow the repack troubleshooter on her site these problems are gone also i read all the comments of every game so i can know the common problems facing others and i know how to solve it. But why?!!! Why do i have to turn off my kaspersky antivirus and do alll of these instructions ?! Never have i needed to do any of that when installing games from other repackers or the main source. Doesn’t that make you suspicious
3- i have read an article about her repacks having bitcoin miners or monero virus sth like that. Is there truth to that ? Because combined with the fact that she doesn’t accept donations from any other sources i feel that’s a strong argument right there
4- generally in life when someone is confident or very good at something he is always nice when dealing with other people in that something. When i read her comments replying to people who are “idiots” “dumbs” “people who needs to be fed the spoon” she is a dick & douchebag! Like yes that’s an easy/“stupid” question but why do you have to reply in that manner?! Either ignore it or reply briefly and nicely. That raises my suspicions more...
5- she states that she needs 100$ per month to keep the seed box which in latvia a 2 days of working a minimum wage job can get you the equivalent of 100$ and am sure she gets much more than that. So why does she act as if a 100$ a big deal she can’t get?!
Finally i am not here trying to bash her or any of that actually i have like several downloads from her paused in my qbittorrent waiting to determine if i should resume or terminate them. I just want some clarification on these points and may be i am not that knowledgeable about the whole fitgirl thing and i don’t know the depths of it i just have some questions that i want a logical, evidence based answers to. So i don’t want to see comments of fanboys saying how great she is and how dumb i am or any of that shit. I want answers to my questions and a normal discussion. I am not trying to prove anyone wrong or right including myself, i am looking for answers....
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SEYTER - A Repacking & Moderating Failure !!

SEYTER is already accussed of putting BitCoin miner shit in his >repacks and then maybe he apologized or whatever. So a guy uploaded Sherlock Holmes repack on rustorka and his >torrent was removed immediately by SEYTER. Here goes the >chat between them that happened after torrent removal :- 1) Uploader: @Syter can you tell me what rules I have void, I >thought I read all rules already, anyways can you point me out, >this release is the smallest on net, and can't see it be stopped by >some rule problems 🙂 2) SEYTER: "this release is the smallest on net" = no lossless. >repack with UE Decompressor 3) Uploader: I bet that it's not with UE decompressor or other >shit 🙂 and its lossless too dude, don't claim anything before >downloading and installing yourself please Syter 🙂 also you use Razor12911 pzlib libraries without giving any >credits 4) SEYTER: when the program ceases to give constant CRC >mistakes, I will specify, and you're shit 5) Uploader: lol Damn dude, you are insane. First this SEYTER guy doesn't even give credits to the maker of >PZLIB which he uses in his repacks and then he makes shitty >excuses about it. Who even made him MODERATOR at Rustorka >? He claims shit without checking things up as well. He fails to be a repacker by putting mining shit and also fails to >be a moderator. 
EDIT- he locked the post again without saying any reason.. wuts wrong with u seyter ?
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DOOM -CPY fitgirlrepack working

I can confirm fitgirl repack is working.Huge thanks to cpy team.you are a saviour to people like me who dont have friends.#respect.
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Why do Fitgirl repacked games require Admin rights to launch?

I've noticed recently that every Fitgirl repack I've used requires admin rights to launch the game and triggers UAC prompt (not the installation, but the game's exe file after installation) while repacks by other groups such as R.G Mechanics do not.
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Voksi's STEAMWORKS Fixes are clean!

I have been seeing posts about that steamworks fixes got bitcoin miners and all but i guess those people downloaded the cracks from a false place because i have always downloaded them from the official revolt site.
I checked my PC for the malwares and and bitcoin miners other people mentioned and i didn't find any. So i am sure that those people downloaded from the wrong place the original voksi cracks are clean completely i tested them all even the newer ones all of them are clean.
I only use FitGirl Repacks so i don't know if Seyter repacks got those bitcoin miners or not but my friend always downloads seyter repacks and he found the exact bitcoin miner mentioned in the other posts the issch.exe, but he didn't download any of these new ones he got it from Dark Souls 3 Seyter repack so guys be careful about SEYTER REPACKS if you tried any of SEYTER REPACKS search for this particular bitcoin miner.
Sorry for taking your time guys i hope this would be helpful to all!
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JC3 XL SEYTER has bitcoin miner!

Installation took about 8 hours on my pc. I was sleeping, anyways it looks like try to install these files when directx and other visual thing came up. Be carefull you dont want your pc to be victim.
Im suggesting to *scan your computer if you installed any SEYTER repack*, scan with Avira Free or Malwarebytes Free. Both working nice.

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes, Avira or AVG from their site.
  2. Scan your C:(Windows) drive and wait for it to find Miner files.
  3. If there is check folder name and go manually there or delete from antivirus-antimalware.
  4. You should really delete that folder.

A: NO.
**MakeItYours9** Check your "Task Scheduler" I've found an ISSCH reference there and deleted it. 
I can confirm that at least early RotTR Seyter's repack contained malware. I've put an investigation on rutor. And magnet links for rustorka (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e41e3e6b8ce4701792f1b3a4ca4f5c43034626ae) and rutor (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:112b33845accf5d39ed92d2bee58bb2d2b307d66) are still active, so anyone can make sure, that game-7.bin contains the virus installer, while EXEs are different for two magnets. Why exactly Seyter made it and not some other uploader? It's simple. Seyter uses modified FreeArc, made by this tool: http://krinkels.org/threads/fa_protect.1873/ When you generate a new FreeArc copy with FA_Protect, you enter the password, it's unique. And the archives, created with your version of FreeArc won't be compatible with original FreeArc. And game-7.bin can ONLY be extracted by using unarc.dll in Seyter's repack. As all other his archives. So only Seyter could create that bin. One more thing. Both setup.exe's have the same size. But if you make byte-comparision, you'll see that they are different. First I've made xdelta between them, and xdelta file was ~16 KB. Then I ran both installers and made memory dumps with Process Explorer. Then looked for installer section (Inno Setup leaved many traces in memory). I've checked the number of unpacked archiees, and found out, that game-7.bin is only unpacked in rutor (not rustorka) version. Then I've found the password for that archive (555, while other bins use 9im6rXzBCM0zAAfnfesw). You can download the unpacker here: http://www35.zippyshare.com/v/D3x1w1cy/file.html When you extract setup.exe from game-7.bin - DO NOT RUN IT, until you know what you're doing. If you have friends who can deal with such stuff - hand the file to them. When I knew that setup.exe resides in game-7.bin, I searched for it in rutor setup memory dump. And have found that it extracts to user local app data folder and then silently runs. ISSCH.exe install in pretty random folder, so it can be anywhere. So yes. It's 100% positive, that it was the Seyter, who did the infected repack. His idea was to blame others for infecting his reuploads, cause Rustorka installer CONTAINS the bin-file, but never runs it. He's a moderator on Rustorka and a friend of Rustorka's admin, Markus. And that's why he don't shit at home, but feels comfortabe to infect his uploads for other sites. After my investigation (and CPY crack release) he updated his repack on Rustorka, and removed notorius game-7.bin. But Internet remembers everything, and the magnets are alive. Avoid any Seyter repacks in the future. If you don't like my repacks, stick to one of those: RG Mechanics RG Revenants Xatab RG Catalyst As myself, they never put malware in repacks and you'll be safe. Now, when I registered on Reddit, you can ask questions about my repacks if you have some.
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Daily Releases (March 15, 2017)

Games Cracked by Steam
HITMAN (NUKED) CPY www.tinyurl.com/ownw6ds
eden* DARKSiDERS www.tinyurl.com/k8xuasq

Updates Cracked by Steam
Furi Update v1.4.81 includes DLC CODEX www.tinyurl.com/hkyv932
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[Resources] The list of trusted uploaders from /r/crackstatus

Lets all get together and make a thread to better help users and prevent spreading of malware and/or bitcoin miners.
Post your recommended uploader below and see if we all agree.
INFO: Only download from users with a skull on TPB/The Pirate Bay*
INFO: Users are reporting oceanofgames fakes starting to pop up. Be cautious!
INFO: Users are reporting bitcoin miners inside nosteam/noSTEAM repacks see link below for details: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:j5kzXZ0raqkJ:https://www.reddit.com/CrackStatus/comments/4zvvbb/bitcoin_miner_on_attack_on_titan_wings_of_freedom/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=cl
Thank you to: Royalgamer06, GiantWarrior101, TheOriginalEsox, -Sikzo-, screwplus and many others for helping update this list.
Trusted Users:
No longer trusted Users/Groups/Repackers/People or not to be trusted Users/Groups/Repackers/People:
Not Trusted Sites (stay away from these, you will have a high risk of malware infection):
Trusted Groups/Repackers/People:
Note: Scene groups do not have ANY accounts any users named e.g. skidrow should be disregarded as they are probably fake.
Note:This was compiled by desgen all credit goes to him, thank you for the work
Edit: I removed the strawpoll vote from this post because i figured it wasn't active anyway, and people only wanted the compiled list.
Edit 2: edits will be added to the original post when provided with more info.
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fitgirl-repacks.com will soon be blocked - update from fitgirl

*update 2 new domain; http://fitgirl-repacks.site/
original post: http://fitgirl-repacks.com/this-domain-is-blocked/
Thank you, Dave. Now I will have to spend more time for registering new domain.
This one will stop working soon. To keep it working for you, open this file in text editor:
and add the following line fitgirl-repacks.com
Reason to it can be found here;fulltext
Today my domain registrar and hoster got the following abuse emails:
"The domain http://fitgirl-repacks.com/ Is currently hosting and promoting and sharing illegal content. That website is sharing pirated products which is illegaly attantied. That website is breaking the Title 17, United States Code, Sections 501 and 506.
The stuff that website is sharing also contains bitcoin miners and virus which have remote control which she uses to steal personal infomation from people."
Well, while I’m settling this case with the registrar, I’ve used a very simple tool for finding out, who was that man, who filed an abuse email. Just his email (and absence of brains of the email owner) led me to the following:
The rest is a semi-dox of who this mr.Dave is.
*update partially added some from fitgirls previous post, leaving the dox out though.
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Is FitGirl maliciously bitcoin mining?

I most recently encountered this alleged bitcoin mining malware from FitGirl's Civ6 repack. This was the only game installed on a fresh copy of Windows 10. I have reinstalled Windows on my PC more than 5 times this week, trying to narrow dowthe culprit. I'm adamant that FitGirl's Civ 6 repack is installing some type of malicious software on my PC.
After playing for a few hours, exit. Using Corsair Link on a liquid cooled CPU, completely idle, temps will read 40c, then periodically jump to 80c for 5-10 seconds. CPU utilization as measured by Corsair Link remains under 10%. (On a fresh copy of W10, that 80c spike DOES NOT happen. I'm adamant it's malicious)
Open task manager and keep it on top of other windows. Open Edge or Chrome and open 3 links in new tabs. Watch as your browser's CPU utilization in task manager goes to 100% and remains there even after pages have finished loading.
I'm using a fresh copy of Windows 10 right now, with 22 tabs open in Chrome, 8% CPU utilization. Opening 6 links in new tab... CPU utilization reaches 73% but immediately falls back down as pages load.
I can post a video demonstrating if needed, but I'm 99% sure that FitGirl's Civ6 repack has malware. It is undetectable by antivirus, and it hides it's CPU utilization when idle, or disguises it's CPU utilization within another .exe on task manager.
Edit: I know I don't have the best evidence, but nobody has come forward with evidence against my findings. If you don't believe, you need to download Civ 6 from http://fitgirl-repacks.site Play it for at least a day or two, and tell me if your PC isn't eating up CPU. That is the scientific method.
I can't detect the malware with any antiviruses. It's only detectable by monitoring CPU usage in task manager and/or monitoring CPU temps. Here are 2 videos comparing before and after playing FitGirl's Civ 6 repack. I used the torrent magnet from the official site.
Before: https://youtu.be/HY6pjLhs2DI
After: https://youtu.be/At0lO0xukn4
I have since reformatted Windows and played Civ6 from RARBG with no issues. If you don't believe me, fine by me. At least I don't have shitty FitGirl's bitcoin miner on my PC anymore. Go RARBG!
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About Seyter, miners, "cracked" games.

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Who to trust? Known trusted and distrusted people

This is the list of the currently known trusted and distrusted people/groups. This list was created at /CrackStatus via a community effort, lead by desgen. It now seems to be drowned, even though it obviously deserves a sticky.
Awaiting Confirmation:
INFO: Only download from users with a skull on TPB/The Pirate Bay
INFO: Users are reporting oceanofgames fakes starting to pop up. Be cautious!
INFO: Users are reporting bitcoin miners inside nosteam/noSTEAM repacks see link below for details:
Trusted Users:
No longer trusted Users/Groups/Repackers/People or not to be trusted Users/Groups/Repackers/People:
Not Trusted Sites (stay away from these, you will have a high risk of malware infection):
Trusted Groups/Repackers/People:
Note: Scene groups do not have ANY accounts any users named e.g. skidrow should be disregarded as they are probably fake.
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Prey contains a bitcoin miner?

I want to quote someone from the fitgirl repack thread
The game works, but since I've started playing it earlier today, I randomly see a blue circle ("something is happening") around my mouse. Afterburner shows two of my cores being maxed out and two nearly maxed out. Opening taskmanager stops it. Eventually used processmonitor and found out a mine.exe was using my CPU. It gives the commandline: mine.exe -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp://xmr.pool.minergate.com:45560 -u guysemail -p x -t 2
I used the download link going toward STEAM RIP by FISHER (version 1.02) and the 7z Prey.v1.0.Crack.V2.by.BALDMAN.
I'll admit I don't know 100% if this is why this happened, but I've seen this happened beginning after earlier this morning, which is why I first began playing the game. And if anyone has any tip on making sure it's fully removed, please tell me.
This is pretty concerning. Has anyone else got more information on this?
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Performance went down after a couple of days

So I downloaded the FitGirl repack version, installed, downloaded DLC files, everything was cool, performance was surprisingly playable. A couple of days went on, got all the updates and now, especially while driving, it becomes really bad. I'm thinking about downgrading, but I'm not sure if it would fix anything.
Game options all to minimum, shadows disabled, resolution 800x600. Update 3, crack 4, GTAV.exe from Update 2. No cover or car shooting crashes. Bitcoin miner deleted. Priority set to high.
Specs: Intel Dual Core E5200 - 2,90GHz
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 1GB
4GB RAM (virtual memory size over 12GB)
I know that it's a miracle that the game is even working, if it wasn't for that first day of better performance, I wouldn't be writing here. But I wonder if that's just how it has to be, or if there's something that can be done.
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How to Download & Install Unravel Fitgirl Repack Without Any Errors HOW TO DOWNLOAD VAMPYR  FitGirl Repacks HOW TO DOWNLOAD PES 2020 [[[CP CRACK]]] {{{FITGIRL REPACK}}}1.mp4 ROCKET LEAGUE fitgirl repack size ( 3.9 GB) HOW TO DOWNLOAD INJUSTICE 2: LEGENDARY EDITION – V.UPDATE 12 + ALL DLCS  FitGirl Repack

Many of you were asking the ways you can donate me without touching bitcoin. Well, this is reasonable. Not everybody know how it works, many of you don’t have money to share them with me, even if you appreciate my work. But now this can be solved! After I’ve seen your reaction in this poll, the decision became obvious. Now you can donate not real money, but the cycles of your CPU – the ... Fitgirl repacks include malware and viruses too. Instead, every repacks game like fitgirl repack includes harmful scripts and files which basically targeted your C drive, where your OS has been installed. Recently I have downloaded about 5 games: Assassin’s Creed Origins The rise of the Tomb Raider Need for Speed Payback Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege GTA V. WARNING: I downloaded 2 games, it took tons of time to install, or exactly 13 hours, on i9 CPU. Notably, you will not be able to do anything during the installation, the CPU is always 100% active, I doubt that this repacker use my CPU to miner coin. Damn gay guy calls himself a girl to take advantage of the mercy of gamers. Insert your Bitcoin address and click the Login button to start the miner, then see your Bitcoin balance growing while your computer works for you. Login. Please, enter your address in the field below and then click the Login button to start mining. Login. How does it work? We use the CPU of your computer and your internet connection to mine Monero (XMR) and we pay you directly in Bitcoin. All ... Bitcoin miner after installing Fitgirl's FORZA HORIZON 4 Repack. Discussion. Close. 501. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Bitcoin miner after installing Fitgirl's FORZA HORIZON 4 Repack . Discussion. So let me preface this by saying I have downloaded a ton of Fitgirls repacks and have never had any issues.. FG is my go to for repacks and I've even donated when I could... So I run a weekly Rkill ...

[index] [42784] [15982] [30099] [34037] [25495] [7598] [9030] [33570] [4396] [15382]

How to Download & Install Unravel Fitgirl Repack Without Any Errors

Rocket League v1.61 + 30 DLCs + Offline Unlocker fitgirl repack size ( 3.9 GB) #To support the channel please donat to "paypal" https://paypal.me/MG99997777 ... #FitGirlRepacks HOW TO DOWNLOAD INJUSTICE 2: LEGENDARY EDITION – V.UPDATE 12 + ALL DLCS FitGirl Repack Thanks For Watching Please Subscribe,Like and Share for More Videos DONATE BY MINING IN ... Repack Features:- Based on Vampyr-CODEX ISO release: codex-vampyr.iso (15,204,745,216 bytes) Vampyr.Network.Fix-CODEX applied over; The Hunters Heirlooms DLC included and activated Wait for crackfix HOW TO DOWNLOAD A TOTAL WAR SAGA: THRONES OF BRITANNIA – V1.0.11578 + MULTIPLAYER FitGirl Repacks Thanks For Watching Please Subscribe,Like and Share for More Videos This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue