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Race for the 1st: Naomi Andrews (D) Justice and Journalism with Tom Gjelten Cory Booker - NHPR Candidate Forum 1-3-2020 2016 N.H. Primaries  New Hampshire Public Radio  Feb. 10, 2016  The Exchange with Laura Knoy Exchange In-Depth on N.H.'s Workforce Challenges: Untapped Workers

Laura Knoy on NHPR is the bigtime breakout exposure the Liberty Movement needs. Julia on December 4, 2011 at 6:17 pm "julia always finds a reason to do a dig" I certainly do. I'm not a fan of zionist projects. david-keene on December 4, 2011 at 6:45 pm Julia, What does it mean when you say zionist? (i dont know) Mayne you could tell me in a couple of sentences ,if you would . 🙂 Resident ... Laura Knoy: From New Hampshire Public Radio, I'm Laura Knoy and this is The Exchange. Cyber attacks have hit more than 200 state and local governments in recent years. Our e-mail exchange at use Facebook or Twitter and HP Exchange will give us a call 1 800 8 9 2 6 4 7 7. Laura Knoy: And our show is also on Facebook live today. So you can listen and ... The Free State Project migration of liberty activists to New Hampshire continues to be a topic of discussion in NH media, because we’re making an impact, unlike libertarians pretty much everywhere else in the world. Most libertarian groups never or rarely get press, but liberty activists in New Hampshire get coverage frequently. On this morning’s “The Exchange” on New Hampshire Public ... In 2008, NHPR’s Laura Knoy pointed out that emails had become nastier and that crude comments in blogs and other digital platforms had become the norm. Our guests’ theories on these phenomena are still very relevant to today’s cyber problems. · The “disinhibition effect.” Psychology and sociology studies suggested that when people ...

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Race for the 1st: Naomi Andrews (D)

NHPR's The Exchange Host Laura Knoy explores workforce challenges in Day 3 of this series, focusing on untapped workers, including older Americans and those with disabilities. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins NHPR's The Exchange for an hour-long 2020 Candidate Forum on 11/7/2019. Yang answers questions from Laura Knoy and senior political reporter ... A video in which I discuss some life updates... Tomorrow, May 16th, I will be speaking with two other transgender NH citizens on NHPR's The Exchange with Laura Knoy. Follow me on social media ... On the morning after the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primaries, New Hampshire Public Radio host Laura Knoy reviews the results on her program "The Exchan... Naomi Andrews, a Democrat running for New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, joined The Exchange with Laura Knoy for NHPR's series, "Race for the 1st," on June 21.